V I T A L   T O O L S  O F  T H E   T R A D E


The above photos are of our practice room and stage equipment.  We are fully equiped to perform a two to three hour show filled with cover tunes as well as originals.  If we are told in advance we can perform from a certain play list, with-in our musical boundries.  If you have any questions, comments, or you would like to hire us out for a night, day, or week-end; E-mail atopping@wvu.edu  If you prefer the telephone call (304)855-9613 and ask for Shannonor call(304)855-2469 and ask for Aaron.  When calling please mention that you are calling for VITAL.  Your call or E-mail will be answered promptly.  You can expect a proffessional show.  We will work your asses off!