The Early Days
In the beginning.... Shannon and Aaron with the original logo artwork (1993)
Vital started as a two man band in 1993.  The original members were Shannon and Aaron.  From here the band grew with the addition of Chris Nappier, our former percussionist.   After Chris left the band, Derek picked up in his place.  With the addition of Derek was William "Dicky" Christian.
Obstacles :(
One problem that has always plagued the band has been financial concerns.  I suppose this is due to the fact that we are all students or work to survive.  With limited support from our parents, the purchasing of music equipment can be very taxing.  However, one thing remains true, it doesn't matter if it is a busted amplifier or a two piece drum set; this band will not give up.
The first song?
The first song that was written in December of 1994 was given the title of Waiting Here.  This was mainly a weepy ballad about puppy love.  Since most musicians rely on their influences, most of the early music had a very soft Bon Jovi tempo.  This gave Shannon and Aaron the inspiration to press forward and write more songs.  The songs kept getting more intelligible and creative. Shannon's and Aaron's Axes (1999)
Tell me your name!
The band went through several different names along the way, each with it's own significance.  The first name taken was Vital.  In the beginning we collectively thought that this represented a feeling of power.  Upon reflection, the name was changed to Mortal Ballad.  As one of my friends once said, "That is pretty damn melodramatic".  Well, we agreed with this.  So we wanted to try something a little more catchy, with a little more flare.  Thus the name Jacob's Ladder was born.  We stuck with this title for a year and found ourselves feeling like a Christian band.  We collectively are not Christians, except for William "Dicky" Christian whom is stuck being a Christian, and we did not portray a Christian image.  In the end we have found that sticking with what works is the best policy.
We love special guests:
Shannon, Curt and Aaron at a 1995 gig in Harts, WV From time to time we will have special guests appear with us.  In the photograph (left) you can see Curtis Poole, fromForty Fluid Ounces, singing Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World with Aaron and Shannon.  In all, we agree that having a wide range of influences and an open mind is the only way to make creative music.